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This is a balcony for chinchillas and other similar-sized rodents. It is made with kiln dried pine. All edges are sanded down nicely.

Item is held together with non-toxic glue and dowels to make the entire item chew-able! No nails, staples or screws used. Bolts, washers and wing nuts are used to attach item to the cage.

There is an extra piece of pine attached underneath the balcony with a dowel and glue for extra cage support as the item is large. The balcony comes with all mounting hardware, including two washers per bolt for extra cage support.

Item Measurements:

- Balcony base: 7.25 in x 11 in

- Siding: 3 in high

- Opening/door: 5 in wide

Please message me if you have any questions!

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