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Large Hay Feeder and Litter Box

Large Hay Feeder and Litter Box

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This is our large rabbit hay feeder and litter box combo!

It has a removable plastic bin for easy cleaning. For easier shipping, the hay feeder is not attached. There will be pre-drilled holes and screws for you to attach the feeder yourself. You will need a Robertson screwdriver.

All exposed edges are sanded down. The edge for bunnies to jump into the bin is 5.5 inches high. Colour of plastic tray will depend on availability and will not always be blue.

Hay feeder measurements:

- Holes are 4 inches in diameter

- 15 inches in length

- 5 inches wide

- 5.5 inches high

Litter bin measurements:

- 18.5 inches in length

- 15 inches wide

- 5 1/4 inches high

Entire item measurements:

- 24 inches in length

- 15 inches wide

- 11 inches high

Steps are available at an extra cost for bunnies who need some extra help getting in! The steps add just under 8 inches to the length of the item. Please check our other listings for the bunny feeder with steps.

Please message me if you have any questions! 

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