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Rooftop Condo

Rooftop Condo

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This is the rooftop condo for chinchillas and other similar-sized rodents. It is made with kiln dried pine and comes with an anti-pill fleece bed that sits perfectly inside the condo. All edges and hole entrances are sanded down nicely.

Item is held together with non-toxic glue and dowels to make the entire item chew-able! No nails, staples or screws used. Bolts, washers and wing nuts are used to attach item to the cage. There are two washers per bolt for maximum cage support.

This item attaches to the roof of a cage and has two holes to enter and exit from. It comes with all mounting hardware. Tip: I personally use a shop vacuum to clean the inside of my chinchilla's condo!

Condo measurements:

- Exterior: 11.5 in by 9.25 in by 6.25 in

- Interior: 10 in by 7.75 in by 5.5 in

- Hole/door: 4 in

Fleece bed insert:

- Bed is 100% anti-pill fleece bed insert that sits right in the condo for comfort. It can be easily removed through the 4-inch hole for washing

- Bed is quilted so anti-pill fleece inside bed doesn’t move around as much

- Bed colour/pattern options available in photos; the back of the condo bed may have a plain colour.

Please message me if you have any questions!

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